Interviewed content#1 フリーペーパー「週刊FOCUS」


Release : 2013/5/6
Publisher : UNN関西学生報道連盟








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The popular website directed by university students
Shoot for lovely students everyday
“Bigakusei Zukan”


The theme of the website, 美学生図鑑(Bigakusei Zukan), is “Breathtaking moment for you”. This website uploads snaps and interview of the nice-looking university students everyday. It started from and has its own basis in Kansai, the southern-central region of Japan, and perfectly directed by university students. We interviewed the editor in chief of this popular website, which receives about 400 thousand hits monthly.

“Campus” is the company which was founded by the undergrads in Kansai region. Their work is to provide university students with information about volunteer, part-time job and job hunting on website. Two years ago, one project has launched in order to make their own website more famous – it is 美学生図鑑(Bigakusei Zukan). They has made many improvements so that they can attracts more university students all over the country, and they started the daily upload from this March. The number of the students who has appeared in the website is more than 2 hundred, and most of them are those from Kansai region. Some students have ever found by this website and offered a job of TV commercial.

“What is your attractive feature?” “Or what is your complex?” “What would you do to make guys or girls crush on you?” The shooting starts from some questions by the photographer. They try to understand how the character of the models is like by doing some interview. Throughout the conversation, gradually they begin to relax and be able to smile naturally.

“Stretch your hand to my camera, just like we are dating!” Photographers try to cut out the natural, and “breathtaking” expressions that we seldom see in the fashion snaps. Interview helps to tell the viewers how attractive the models are.

“When I take the snaps of the girls, I think of myself as their boyfriends. But it’s tough because I have to stretch out!” says Maiko Tsujimura, the student Osaka University of Arts, and the editor in chief of this website. She does the management of about 20 staffs, and besides, she takes the snaps of the students in Kansai region. The number of models she has ever taken is about 60. Recently she takes 10 models per a month. She says she enjoys it because she can get to know with a lot of people throughout the shootings.

“Smiley face, a bit troubled face, up-from-under look-I like people with starry eyes and various expressions. I love the moment when I could take the picture of the model with the expression which makes me want to say ‘That’s it!!” says Maiko.

美学生図鑑(Bigakusei Zukan) receives about 400 thousand hits monthly, which means it is unusually popular as a website directed by students. However, Maiko has not been satisfied yet. “I want to find out more lovely students which hasn’t been found yet and feature them. We aims to 1000 thousand hits, and want everyone all around Japan to know our website.” She says.

(Translation : Saeko Higuchi)